2012 Events Schedule

During January/February and again in May 2012, I'll be teaching two courses thru Cape Elizabeth Community Services...

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Use Photoshop Elements Smartly!

Learn how to use computer technology as well as the most highly regarded photography software to improve your digital images and get gorgeous prints! Learn how to edit, modify, and optimize digital images for print reproduction, web & email use and personal display. Region selection methods, brightness and contrast adjustments, color corrections, layers and mask use, adding text, compositing, special effects, and highly realistic photo retouching will all be covered, to give students an excellent working knowledge of Photoshop Elements (and Photoshop too!). We'll work with student pictures as much as possible, so send/bring some of your "problem" pictures!

Develop Your Photographer's Eye
In the Field

In this "workshop" style class you'll learn by doing. On 3 Saturday mornings, as a group, we'll meet for about an hour at photogenic nearby locations. There'll be new venues for this year's workshop, and it will be true Springtime shooting! I'll be there with you to provide suggestions and point out some interesting possibilities. We'll meet on the subsequent Tuesday evenings to review and discuss what we've shot. We'll also meet once before the first shoot to set some objectives and to provide you with some new composition guidance. At the end of a few weeks, you will be surprised by how much you've improved your shooting!

   Prereq: you must know how to use your camera.






For more information on either or both of these classes, please contact Community Services directly.

I will continue to be available to provide both in-studio and also in-the-field private instruction - on image composition, design, Photoshop, use & selection of equipment, other digital photography topics, etc.

Please call for further info if you feel that private lessons might be of interest to you!

On occasion, I may do a half-day or full day custom in-the-field workshop for one or a few students. Call if you are interested.

Additionally, I am available for Slide Shows (all electronic nowadays!) and Lectures on my work . If your company, group, or club would enjoy such a presentation, give me a call and let's schedule it!

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